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1. Soy UniqueTM Concentrated Beverage SoyUnique for cancer patients

Soy UniqueTM is a new natural, nontoxic health product. Thousands of people in different countries, including cancer patients and people with chronic diseases, have already benefited from using Soy UniqueTM. The unique inhibitory components in Soy UniqueTM play important roles in suppressing the growth of tumors, stimulating and strengthening the immune system. Soy UniqueTM also produces balanced adjuvant nutrients for patients as a critical weapon in fighting cancer.

Soy UniqueTM- an adjuvant nutrition and inhibitor - can also bring significant effects when using with other medical treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Many clinical trials indicate that a significant number of cancer patients have benefited from:

  • reducing pain and side effects
  • increasing blood counts
  • enhancing immune system
  • helping patients to get easily digestion and fully absorption of nutrients
  • assisting to meet the nutritional requirements
Soy UniqueTM has no interaction with other medication.

2. Beneficial ingredients and compounds in Soy UniqueTM

Soy UniqueTM is made not only from high quality soybean, but also from:

    Cordyceps - fungi
  • cordyceps sinensis sacc and
  • lentinus edodes sing
through nitrogenation process and fomentation reactions. It combines all benefits from soybean and above fungi to contribute the synergistic balance in a wild variety of beneficial micro-components. Those components include:
  • polysaccharides and its bio-active metabolites
  • protease inhibitors (BBI)
  • soy proteins (amino acids)
  • soy isoflavones
  • Phytochemical (saponins, phytostelols, phytate, phenolic)
  • antioxidants and Vitamins
  • trace elements and minerals
All of these metabolites help cancer patients in many ways, such as suppressing the growth of tumors, stimulating and strengthening the immune system in a natural and healthy way. Many scientists also believe that Soy UniqueTM should contain some unique and unknown compounds, which can produce such amazing effects in alternative cancer treatment.

3. Principles of Soy UniqueTM

Soy UniqueTM differs from other soy products in three major factors, which all work together to maximize the synergistic results in alternative treatment.

Rich in inhibitory compounds

Rich in nutritional compounds

Single-cell free form - best absorption

Inhibitory components in Soy UniqueTM

By applying advanced biological technology in the manufacture process, Soy UniqueTM contains a variety of specific micro-components, which are powerful cancer inhibitors. They play important roles in suppressing the growth of tumors, stimulating and strengthening the immune system. The followings are some of them:

a) Fungal Polysaccharides

  • Stimulates proliferation of Lymphocytes, formation of leucine 2 and tumor necrotic factors
  • Promotes phagocytosis of phagocytes and activity of T-cell, HK-cell
  • Strengthens the function of the reticuloendothelial system and immunoreaction
  • Extracted from fungi, such as cordyceps sinensis sacc and lentinus edodes sing

b) Trypain Inhibitors (Soy Protease Inhibitor)

  • Contains a tumor-suppress enzyme inhibitor named BBI (Broman Birk Inhibitor)
  • Suppresses carcinogenesis for many different types of tumors, such as colon cancer and liver cancer.

c) Oestrogenic Compounds (Soy Isoflavones)

Soybean presents nine kinds of Isoflavones, including Genistein, Daidzein, and Genistin.
  • Genistein suppresses the growth of a wide range of cancer cells
  • Daidzein has an ability to prevent bone loss and the development of osteoporosis
  • Genistin is a definite inhibitor of prostate cancer and breast cancer by scientific research

d) Proteins (Amino Acids)

Soy UniqueTM contains 18 amino acids including eight essential amino acids. Many studies have shown that certain amino acids, such as Thymus and Arginine, can be used in cancer treatment.
  • Arginine can elevate the level of thymosin secretion, which in turn strengthens the immune system
  • An Arginine supplement inhibited the growth of cancer cells in experiments on mice.

e) Phytochemicals

Many phytochemicals are present in Soy UniqueTM , which have an anti-carcinogenic effect.
  • Phenolic Acids prevent the cellular DNA from being attacked by carcinogens
  • Phytate is known to reduce the generating of free radicals and inhibits tumor growth in a wide variety of cancers
  • Phytosterols can help prevent skin cancer and reduce the chance of colon cancer
  • Saponins and organic selenium can neutralize free radical pathology and reduce the chance of cancer.

Nutritional components in Soy UniqueTM

Many scientific studies have indicated that up to 40% of all cancer patients die from malnutrition, not from cancer itself. Obviously, balanced nutrients are a critical weapon in fighting cancer.

Soy UniqueTM produces high amount of balanced adjuvant nutrients to meet patient's needs. These nutritional components include:

  • Nucleic Acids
  • Antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E, B2, B1, and D
  • Trace elements and minerals: CA, P, K, Na, Mg, Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mo, Co, Se
These nutrients can help patients to:
  • fend off weakness
  • repair damaged tissues
  • help boost immune system
  • create a feeling of general well being

Medical doctors strongly recommend the taking of nutritional supplements rich in antioxidants for both cancer treatment and prevention purposes.

Single-cell free form - - easily digest and fully absorption

Through the unique nitrogenation process and fermentation reaction, most of compounds in Soy UniqueTM are decomposed to single sell free form, which increases the assimilation levels necessary for absorption and delivers various bio-active metabolites to the cells.
  • All components in Soy UniqueTM can be easily absorbed by the human body through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • This allows the patient to easily digest and fully absorb the components.
  • This is a major difference between Soy Unique and other soy products.

4. Recommended Usage

For patients

NAHA Enterprise recommends to:
  • Take one bottle (8.8 oz) per day for the first month;
  • Patients could reduce it to half a bottle (4.4oz) per day from the second month
  • Patients should take Soy UniqueTM for at least 3 months
  • Shake the bottle before taking because of the thick sediments
  • Divide the daily consumption into half or thirds and taking it before meals;
  • Soy UniqueTM should be mixed with water, milk, apple juice, or barley malt to improve the taste.
For prevention or recovery from diseases
2oz per serving, 1-3 times daily, before meals.

Soy UniqueTM has a shelf-life of more than two years. It should be stored at room temperature. After opening, the bottle should be kept refrigerated and used within 5 days.

Nitrogenated Soy Components + Fungal Polysaccharides + Many Bioactive Metabolites = Better than others!

Soy UniqueTM - Improved Soy Product

1. New Ingredients in Soy UniqueTM

Fermented soy oral liquid has not been improved for almost 14 years. After many years of research and experiences, NAHA Co. adds several fungal ingredients, such as Cordyceps, Cordyceps - fungiLentinus Edodes Sing with soybeans in nitrogenated process and fermented reaction. These new ingredients contain rich unique components, which greatly increase the synergistic results for alternative cancer treatment. Soy UniqueTM, as a new improved concentrate beverage, is better than any other soy products.

2. What has been improved in Soy UniqueTM

Better scientific formulation:

Adding Cordyceps, Lentinus Edodes Sing with Soybean together as our ingredients, Soy UniqueTM has a better scientific formulation than other soy products, which only has soybeans as only ingredient - limit the products functions.

More balanced nutrition:

Combining various benefits both from soybean and fungi, Soy UniqueTM delivers more balanced nutrition and brings better immune stimulating, healing, and strengthening effects.

Contains new compounds:

Including fungal polysaccharides and many bioactive Metabolites, which are only from Cordyceps, Lentinus Edodes Sing. They play an important role in alternative cancer treatments.

Increase amount of components from soybean:

Maintaining all beneficial components and increasing the amount components from soybean. These components include Soy Phytochemicals, Proteins, Isoflavones, and Nucleic Acids.

Improved manufacture processes:

Applying various improvements in biological low-heat manufacture processes - to avoid the loss of the effective compounds.

Single cell free form:

All ingredients are decomposed to single cell free form, which can be easily digested and fully absorbed by patients.

Improved taste

Having better taste than any other soy oral liquid

3. What are the differences Between Soy UniqueTM and other Soy Products?

Soy UniqueTM: More ingredients, No additives

Containing more ingredients (soybeans and fungi). Therefore, Soy UniqueTM produces more balanced adjuvant supplements. Soy UniqueTM doesn't use any additives. All components are directly and naturally created from nitrogenation and fermentation of the ingredients.

Other Soy products: add additives, Single soy ingredient

Using soybeans as their only ingredient and adding certain additives in the product to increase isoflavones level for their promotion purpose. The additives always are harder to digest. Those soy products don't have benefits from fungi polysaccharides and many other bioactive metabolites.

Soy UniqueTM and other soy products are all manufactured through the nitrogenated process and fermented reactions.

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